Respecting the Election

published December 8, 2008


On Dec. 6th people in communities across Canada protested the attempt,
by a coalition of 3 political parties, to replace the nation's 7-week-old gov't.

At this rally in Toronto, they insisted election results be respected.

The governing party had gained 19 seats (total: 143) - twelve short of an
outright majority. The coalition leader's party had lost 26 seats (total:77).

A mere 10 days after Parliament resumed, the media reported that three
political parties that had just campaigned vigorously against one other...

...now intended to combine their seats and replace the government...

...even though 2 of these parties have historically attracted so little voter
approval that their chances of attaining federal power have been nil.

This conflict among their elected representatives has left many Canadians
worried about the health of their democracy.

A worry no one needs during a time of global economic distress.




The full message on this placard: "Conciliation for the nation."