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About TripodGirl



Donna Laframboise, aka TripodGirl, lives in Toronto, Canada. Having abandoned the darkroom for digital photography, she uses a Nikon D70s - the shutter of which has been replaced twice. By some measures, it's obsolete (Nikon no longer manufacturers it and it's only 6 megapixels), but she's awfully fond of it.

Prior to 2002, Donna wrote news features, weekly columns, and daily editorials for the National Post, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Chatelaine, Toronto Life and other publications.

Her past tenure on the board of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, her interest in tech, and her belief in the creative process persuade her that the old approach to art photography (involving galleries, rich folks and limited editions) is history.

Photos on this website have been formatted as free PC wallpaper. Donna invites you to transform your computer monitor into an art canvas by downloading a new one often.

Bloggers are hereby given permission to use these images (linking back to this website would be a fine gesture). Students are invited to use TripodGirl images freely in their school assignments and extra-curricular activities [more]. Private individuals are likewise encouraged to make creative use of them.

[Donna's longwinded Google profile]