Image format adjustments, Jan. 2010

When this site began in August 2007, wallpaper sizes were based on the most popular computer monitors at the time. These included 4:3 aspect ratio versions that were 800x600 pixels, 1024x768, and 1152x864.

Additionally, there was a 1280x1024 (the closest version to an 8x10-inch photo) and a 1280x800 version (what then passed for widescreen).

In the interim, iPhones, netbooks, and progressively wider desktop monitors have proliferated. In January 2010, TripodGirl adjusted her formats.

  • the traditional 4:3 aspect ratio is still served by the 1152x864 version

  • a truly 16:9 widescreen version is now available

  • every image is now scaled down to 384x288 - a more manageable size for blogs and student papers

Images that can be cropped into a crisp, attention-getting Facebook-sized profile picture are now available in that format as a matter of course. Ditto for those that work well as iPhone or iPod Touch wallpaper [blog post here].

TripodGirl thanks Starman for sharing his wonderful iPhone wallpaper template.

Image tip: Every image appearing in a gallery on this website is available, behind the scenes, in versions that are:

Access these versions of pre-2010 images by clicking on the 800x600 version, going to the very top of your screen, and changing the URL. For example:

click here: http://www.tripodgirl.com/downloads/burst.php
select 800x600 at the top of the left-hand list

you'll be here: http://www.tripodgirl.com/images/2009_4/TripodGirl_burst800.jpg
change the 800.jpg at the end to 250.jpg (highlight it with your cursor, then click, change, and hit ENTER)

you'll get this: http://www.tripodgirl.com/images/2009_4/TripodGirl_burst250.jpg
or change the end to 500.jpg

you'll get this:


Follow a similar procedure for 2010-onward images, selecting the 4:3 aspect ratio version at the top of the left-hand list and changing the end of the URL accordingly.