Low-Resolution vs High-Resolution Photos

All photos on this website are low-resolution images. Small-sized, low-res versions are suited to the digital world because they load quickly in web pages. While they produce fuzzy, distorted print-outs, on screen they look fabulous - even when displayed as large-sized wallpaper images. 

In their original state, these photos are high-resolution, large-sized files. High-res versions are required to produce high-quality prints on paper (whether art  gallery prints, or in books and magazines).

In other words, only high-res photos have commercial value.

Like the music and film industry, the art photography and journalism worlds remain stuck in the past. News sites posting photo galleries of unsatisfyingly small images go to the trouble of imbedding them in flash viewers to prevent copying. [A notable exception may be viewed here.]

TripodGirl thinks this is so 20th-century. Since low-res images have no commercial value why not permit people to enjoy and make use of them?

Students and private individuals are expressly encouraged, therefore, to use the photos on this site freely in their school assignments, art projects, digital picture frames, etc.

Here's to the collaborative spirit of the 21st century!